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Non-Tradeable Rights — Non-tradeable dummy CFD rights are allocated on Ex date, these are booked according to the ratio and price of the underlying rights issue on pay date with the value date as payment date. The above price comparison will be carried out on the deadline that Saxo Bank has to subscribe for the offer with the relevant broker. Saxo Bank may not be able to participate and as such will not make such offers available to clients.

Share Purchase Plans Events SPP will be offered to underlying beneficial owner clients however clients will need to provide the underlying beneficial owner details requested by Saxo Bank. Cash payment is allocated on Ex-date for value pay date for eligible position based on ex-date Rights are granted and booked in accordance with the ratio on the Effective Date Ex-date and automatically orders for sale of the rights are placed when the market opens for trading.

Following the order executions, proceeds from the sale of Rights are distributed. For short positions - Entitled rights will be covered from the market and proceeds debited accordingly. Special and infrequent Corporate Actions that do not come under the descriptions above, may occur.

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Saxo Bank will handle such Corporate Actions in the best interest of clients to the extent that time and operational process permits. Additional CFDs are allocated on Ex-date and will be credited accordingly. For short positions - Clients will be debited accordingly. CFDs are allocated on the Ex-date for value pay Date and will be credited accordingly.

Rights are granted and booked in accordance with the ratio on the Effective Date Ex-date and automatically orders for sale of the rights are placed when the relevant market opens for trading. Following order executions, proceeds from the sold Rights are booked to client accounts.

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For short positions - entitled rights will be covered from the market and proceeds will be debited accordingly. Clients holding CFD positions will not be given a choice to tender.

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Saxo Bank will take the following action:. If the security is delisted — Saxo Bank will lodge acceptance to participate in the offer. If the security is not trading — Saxo Bank lodge acceptance to participate in the offer. If the offer has been converted to a compulsory acquisition — Saxo Bank will lodge acceptance to participate in the offer.

For short positions — Clients will be liable as per the counterparty instructions and such liability will be notified to clients upon confirmation from the counterparty. This derivation means that whilst the CFD prices track the underlying Futures spread will be slightly wider. Whilst all Commodity CFDs are priced in single units, often a minimum trade size will apply.

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Commodity CFDs are denominated in smaller lots than the underlying Futures contract. Each CFD is quoted as 1 unit of the underlying contract e. You are also able to reduce an open CFD position to below the minimum trade size. Should you be left with such a position then it should be closed via either the Account Summary or by contacting the dealing desk. Commodity CFDs give clients exposure to the underlying commodity without the confusion of physical settlement. All Commodity CFDs transactions will be cash settled. Front month current contract and back month following contract will be offered to enable clients to manually roll positions from one contract to the next.

The specific expiry date and time for individual Commodity CFDs can be found in the trading platforms on either the Trade or Order tickets plus the Instrument Information pages. Trading will cease at the specified time listed in the Contracts Specifications table for each contract. You should pay attention to when the Last Trade Day will take place as it differs contract to contract and month to month.

Any positions still open at the close of trading on the Expiry Date will be automatically closed at the closing price set by Saxo Bank and cash settled.

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For trading purposes, Saxo Bank will quote both the current expiring month's contract and the following contract, where availability and liquidity allow. In summary the trader took advantage of the leverage that comes with Commodity CFDs. See our Risk Warning. Forex CFDs carry a minimum trade size of 5, which is significantly lower than the Future Contract it is tracking, e.

Minimum trade size of the US Index is units. Manual roll of a position from one expiry to another may be done until the time of expiry. Bond CFDs are denominated in smaller lot sizes than the underlying Futures contract. During holidays, markets and exchanges around the world are closed at certain times.

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Saxo Bank's operating hours over this period are given below. Please note that even during these hours some markets and exchanges may not be available. Nasza witryna internetowa jest zoptymalizowana, aby działać w przeglądarce z systemem iOS 9. Jeśli używasz starszego systemu lub przeglądarki, witryna może wyglądać dziwnie. Aby poprawić korzystanie z witryny, prosimy o zaktualizowanie przeglądarki lub systemu.

Dla Instytucji. Logowanie Otwórz rachunek. Korzystając z naszej witryny internetowej, wyrażasz zgodę na używanie przez nas plików cookie zgodnie z naszymi zasadami korzystania z plików cookie. Kontrakty CFD są złożonymi instrumentami, które wiążą się z wysokim ryzykiem nagłej utraty pieniędzy ze względu na wykorzystanie dźwigni finansowej. Inwestor powinien rozważyć, czy rozumie, jak działają produkty CFD, FX i wszelkie inne, oraz czy może pozwolić sobie na wysokie ryzyko utraty pieniędzy.

CFDs trading conditions. Show trading conditions for:. CFDs on Indices. Trading Hours With Saxo Bank you can trade the most popular indices in the trading session timeframe up to 22 hours. Italian Financial Transaction Tax The tax will be applied to all Italian Derivatives whose underlying assets are equity instruments issued by Italian companies The Italian FTT for Derivatives applies irrespective of the location of the client or the jurisdiction of the transaction, so everyone trading Italian Derivatives will have to pay new Italian FTT for Buys and Sells.

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Order Management Market, Limit and Stop orders are supported. Poland - Warsaw Stock Exchange WSE Broker's Market orders may be submitted to the exchange only during the continuous trading phase, except when balancing occurs. Limit Orders A Limit order is an order to buy a Stock at no higher than a predefined price or to sell a Stock at no less than a predefined price.

Stop Orders A Stop order is by definition an order to get out sell stop or into a position buy stop of a position immediately. Partial Fills Partial fills may occur on Limit orders and the remaining amount stays in the market as a Limit order and may be filled within the order duration. Special events Based on the market signals Saxo Bank gets from its brokers in regards to the consequences of Greece potentially leaving the Euro, we find it necessary to inform our clients holding Greek CFD positions that in the event of Greece leaving the Euro it will be creating exceptional market conditions.

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  6. Therefore please be advised that if Greece leaves the Euro Saxo Bank may: close all Greek CFD positions held by our clients at the price that Saxo Bank has available at that time, and the currency conversion away from Euro will be done at the conversion rates that Saxo Bank has available. Local Short Selling Restrictions Due to market conditions, a number of financial authorities are announcing rule changes that affect short-selling of physical Stocks. CFDs on stocks — Corporate action handling. Bonus issues Additional CFDs are allocated on the Ex-date based on the eligible holding on ex-date-1 and will be available for trading, post value date upon receipt from agent.

    Capital gains distribution Cash adjustment is allocated on Ex-date based on the eligible holding on ex-date-1 for value Pay date for CFDs. Cash dividends Cash adjustments on CFDs are booked on Ex-date based on the eligible holding on ex-date-1 reflecting the market price movement on the Ex-date, but the actual value of the payment will be settled on Pay Date.

    Currency option Currency options are not extended to clients. Saldo konta undefined. Sentyment undefined.