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Bollinger started developing Bollinger Bands in the early s. He was trading options at the time and much of his analytics involved volatility. At the time fixed width trading bands were in use. Bollinger's contribution was to use volatility standard deviation to make trading bands adaptive. When Bollinger first introduced the concept to the public on Financial News Network , they had no name. During the program, the interviewer pointed to the bands and inquired as to what they were; Bollinger replied "Let's call them Bollinger Bands.

To bridge the gap between fundamental and technical analysis, Bollinger advocates an approach he calls 'Rational Analysis'". He then defined it as the "juncture of the overlap between technical and fundamental analysis" and created a visual representation. Because the financial analysis community sub-categorizes itself in ever finer specialty groups, his updated definition of Rational Analysis was stated as "the union of the sets of technical, fundamental, quantitative and behavioral analysis". The analogy Bollinger uses for Rational Analysis is having multiple tool kits each with different tools.

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To get the job done the rational approach is to take the tool that does the job best, regardless of which tool kit it comes from. The same is true for financial analysis.

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Depending on the analytical scenario, sometimes technical analysis tools provide the best insights. Sometimes fundamental analysis , behavioral analysis or quantitative analysis ; and most often a combination of all four is the most rigorous and productive.

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After purchasing his first microcomputer in , Bollinger became involved in the seminal stages of computer-driven technical analysis. Computer technology allowed Bollinger to develop Group Power, an industry group ranking system that shows developing trends in industry groups and sectors.

Over the years the service evolved, the underlying structure becoming a proprietary equal-weighted industry group structure and delivery via the Internet allowed ever more complex analytics. In Bollinger recognized the potential of the Internet for financial analysis and began the programming for equitytrader. The service utilized a 52 rule fuzzy logic model to provide analytics of the US equities market and was one of earliest charting and technical analysis websites.

After becoming an independent trader in he joined the Financial News Network where he was the Chief Market Analyst for seven years, —, a role in which he was responsible for the technical analysis content presented on air. He founded an investment firm, Bollinger Capital Management. He is also the founding president of Market Analysts of Southern California.

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