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English Find out more about the euro, the exchange rates of other currencies and using cash and cards. English Italy suspends the official quotation of foreign currencies against the lira. English We should be pleased that Europe had, and still has, the euro rather than 16 different currencies. English You have a similar trend with currencies -- currencies going through an extreme time of stability. English The instability of other currencies will always have a considerable impact on the position of the euro. English Italy resumes official quotation of foreign currencies against the lira.

English And also starting to play around with the idea of alternative currencies. English National currencies were withdrawn from circulation two months later. English This shows that national currencies would have given the Union more stability than the euro area has done. English And that's what happens to currencies when you don't stand behind them. English At the same time, the currencies of our neighbouring countries are falling.

English It is one of the most stable currencies in the world and has outperformed the dollar on the markets. English However, the role of currencies and exchange rates as global adjustment mechanisms has skyrocketed. English If currencies of failing countries had been allowed to fall in value, recovery would have followed.

English The Council adopts a European unit of account based on a composite basket of the Community currencies. Synonimy Synonimy angielski dla "currency":. English currentness up-to-dateness. Więcej od bab. English curly leaf curly locks curly mane curly mop curly parsley curly wig curly-headed curmudgeon currant currants currencies currency currency account currency adjustment currency appreciated currency appreciation currency back currency board currency bond currency broker currency circulate Więcej w słowniku polsko-niemieckim.

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A może wolisz pouczyć się nowych słówek? Yes, Dukascopy card complies with 3-D Secure, as an additional layer of security during the processing of online payments. If you use Swiss Bank mobile application, go to Cards section and select the corresponding card. If you use Dukascopy Connect mobile application, press on Bank , then press on plus sign in the lower left corner, select Card operations and choose History. This option is unavailable in other countries. To ensure that an unauthorized person will not get access to funds on the card, log in to web or mobile application, find the corresponding card and select the Temporary block card function.

When the card is disabled, it is only possible to withdraw funds to your MCA account. You also have an option to unblock the card, or block it permanently. To block the card permanently please contact us. It is only possible to re-order a new card in the same currency when your current card is permanently blocked. If you want to permanently block the card, please send us the corresponding request via chat or email. Standard delivery is performed by the postal service. Depending on the rules of post service of the corresponding destination country the letter with the card can be delivered directly to the address you have indicated or left at your local post office.

For Europe, card delivery usually takes up to ten days while for other regions the time of delivery can vary from two to four weeks. Express delivery is performed by UPS shipping company. The letter with the card is delivered directly to the address you have indicated. If there is no one available when the courier arrives to deliver your parcel he will contact you by phone to negotiate place and time of a second delivery. For Europe, the delivery usually takes several days while for other regions the time of delivery can take up to two weeks.

For this reason, your phone screen has to be unblocked to receive the PIN. You can try re-sending the PIN using your web or mobile application. Before doing that, please check the questions below the same applies to inability to receive security code to pass 3-D Secure :. Is the mobile phone number correct?

Are SPAM filters switched off? Is the flight modality switched off? Is the phone allowed to receive international SMS? Is your SIM-card prepaid? If this is the case do you have enough availability in order to get SMS from abroad? If after trying several times the problem still persists, please send us the corresponding request via chat or email by additionally indicating your mobile phone type as well as name and country of your phone provider. Generally, whenever you make a purchase, the merchant sends an authorization request to card issuer to debit your card.

In several cases card issuer is rightful to refuse to authorize the transaction, for instance, if the area of activity of a merchant is not honoured e. Sometimes an authorization request is being declined by international payment system Visa, Mastercard and others if the card had triggered some anti-fraud checks. In case your attempt to make a payment was declined, please always check your card statement first.

If card statement does not contain transaction with corresponding merchant, it means that card issuer did not receive authorization request from the merchant. At first, merchant asks card issuer whether the card in question is valid to pay for the purchase. Card issuer checks status, balance and expiry date of the card and, if everything is correct, reserves corresponding amount. This action is called authorization. If this step is completed, transaction will be assigned pending status.

After a few days, the merchant prepares a bill and sends it to the card issuer which debits previously reserved amount from your card and transfers it to the merchant. If card issuer does not receive a bill upon defined time period or it is received in an incorrect format, it will cancel authorization. This action is called clearing and settlement. Depending on the outcome, transaction status will updated either to completed, or declined.

So, if transaction is still pending there is a need to wait until transaction will be assigned a final status. Please note that each bank has its own time period for funds reservation up to a month. Usually, transactions associated with betting and gambling are classified as quasi-cash.

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Please note that additional fee is applied to transactions falling under this category. The card itself can be demagnetized, damaged, or unreadable.

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Alternatively, bank issuer can provisionally block the card if actions carried out on the card seemed to be suspicious. Furthermore, a technical error on an ATM side can also be the reason of card block. In some of these cases an ATM can print a cheque with a code that can be subsequently used to try to claim the card back. However, in the majority of cases there is no way other than to order a new card. Due to technical reasons, a case might occur when ATM had refused to authorize cash withdrawal, yet the balance on the card had decreased.

To check whether the money were actually debited from the card, please wait until the status of corresponding transaction changes from pending either to declined, or completed please note that the process is automatized and might take from several days to two weeks. If transaction was declined the money should be available again.

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If transaction was completed, please contact us to file an official claim in the name of the card issuer that will take steps to charge the money from ATM's bank back this procedure might take up to forty five days. For security reasons your card will be temporarily blocked if the PIN was entered incorrectly three times. To re-activate your card please send us the corresponding request via chat or email. Należy pamiętać, że odrzucone transakcje w ogóle nie są uwzględniane w sekcji podsumowania wyciągu z kart.

Transakcje we wszystkich innych statusach ze znakiem plus reprezentują środki przychodzące iz tego powodu są klasyfikowane jako Uznania , podczas gdy transakcje ze znakiem minus reprezentują środki wychodzące i są rejestrowane jako Obciążenia. Aby liczby wyświetlane w sekcji podsumowania były zgodne, zawsze istnieje potrzeba uwzględnienia salda na początku okresu i na końcu okresu, za który wykazany jest wyciąg. Mianowicie, jeśli weźmiesz saldo na początku okresu, za który wyświetlany jest wyciąg, a następnie dodasz uznania i odliczasz obciążenia razem z oczekującymi transakcjami, powinieneś otrzymać wartość równą aktualnemu saldzie karty.

If the actions made with your card are classified as suspicions or fraudulent, card issuer's is rightful to block the card at its own discretion based on §6 of the Terms and Conditions to which you had agreed when ordering the card.

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  • Usually, the block is assigned preventively and can be removed by contacting card issuer directly, confirming your identity and that transaction was made by you. In other cases the block is irrevocable. Indeed, the very idea of a prepaid card is that your expenditure is limited to the amount initially loaded on card. However, even prepaid cards can have technical overdraft. Among the most popular reasons of technical overdraft are cross-border purchases.

    When people travel abroad they usually make purchases in local currency that differs from the card's currency. In such cases there is a need to remember that there is always a time gap when transaction takes place and when it is being actually settled. This means that the exchange rate applied during authorization differs from the one applied during settlement. In case the exchange rate during this time makes a rapid surge or drop and the card balance is close to zero, it can go negative. Another widespread situation is a mismatch between authorization and settlement sums. Before settling transaction card issuer always tries to find a matching authorization.

    Is some cases e. This is happening when merchants make several authorization requests e. In such situation the balance on card will be reduced twice.

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    First, when the issuing bank receives three authorization requests. Second, when the issuing bank receives a request to settle transaction. As a result, the overdraft will last from the moment the issuing bank received a request to settle transaction.

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